The Drive Up

For all of those which have not been to La Tzoumaz yet, the 13 well paved switchbacks are simply a great drive.

After those curves and the 15 km up from Riddes to La Tzoumaz you feel already so far distant from your daily problems back home that vacation started already.

Especially motorbikers will see either them as a perfect stretch to warm up in the morning or to relaxingly cool down after a long days drive.

And if you come in Spring, you can stop at switchback number 4 and try some of the nice apricots there. But please keep in mind that the farmer still wants to earn some money through harvesting the trees.

In switchback 9 is the local shooting rance the the junction to Iserable.

If you then go through two more tunnels, come around the corner you will suddenly see the village in front of you.

But I can only recommend to stay here still on the main road, take this switchback (Number 12) to the right and basically drive around the village. Especially for new guests it makes the orientation later on in the village much easier. You will see some of the chalets being built outside the village. Those chalets have a great view into the Rhone valley, but are quite a distance from any ski slope, trekking path or the village centre.

After maybe two kilometers you will then come into the village and approach the next junction, with the ski station on your right hand side. Here you go straight. Follow the road for another 1 km or more until you reach the next switchback. When driving up you will also pass our local beemaster, where you can ring the bell and buy some great honey from the region.

And when you reach this switchback, with the brown hut in front of you, you have to go straight. The hut is the bus stop for the free local ski shuttle bus. And you take the narrow road on the left of it. Now, it is only a few hundred meters to the chalet.
A few hundred meters later you will see this picture. Here you take the narrow road on the right. You follow that road for approximately 100 meters and then there comes a sharp uphill right turn. You might need snow chains here depending on weather conditions. After that it is only a few meters. The chalet is the fourth house on the left side.

Be welcomed.

The whole street up from Riddes is being cleared every day and in all the years we never experienced a situation were we could not drive down because of a blocked road due to snow. So, no worries. You will reach the chalet and also come home.