The ultimate slope

You have to ski this mountain once!

It does not matter if on the left side or right side, the Mont Fort with its 3.348 meters is a real challenge.

And as we do not ski for fun and as we only growth through challenges, it should be the proclaimed aim of every skiier to once in his life time ski down the Mont Fort.

But watch out! Only if you know how to use your ski’s edges, you should dare to ski down this mountain. Certainly nothing for beginners, but we all need a vision.

Having slided down this mountain myself already several time not on skies but on my bottom, I nevertheless can only recommend this mountain, but call for caution at the same time.

Edging, edging, edging, edging.

If you once loose control you will stop at the base of the sloop. Which means easily 150 m sliding on your bottom, if you are lucky, or rolling down like a snowball. The later would be definitely more painful. Not talking about those skiiers which could not escape fast enough your route of ‘decent’.

But as a nice preparation for this challenge you can use and prepare on the slope from the Col des Gentianes to Torton. If you are fit and comfortable on that slope you know that you are ready for the ultimate challenge. Should you have problems – better keep on improving your technique first.