Eastern – Snow

40 cm of new snow in 24 hours. No wet, heavy snow, but wonderful dry powder snow. And all this not middle of December, but end of March.

Okay, we had already sometimes years with snow end of April. But that was only 5 cm and it was melting away within the hour. But 40 cm of fresh snow within 24 hours. Unbelievable.

At the beginning we still tried to master the weather and skied although visibility was almost down to zero. But actually it was not that bad. We switched our skiing systems into auto-pilot and with all that new, dry and feather-light snow it was great skiing. But after a while we had then ‘surprisingly’ enough and went down to the chalet. Just to sit in front of the fire and watch how more and more snow is coming down and the wall on the balcony’s balustrade is getting higher and higher.

What a great day!!!

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