Improvements – III


Finally we replaced the old, white metalbed on the groundfloor with a stile matching Swiss wooden bed. We have to admit it took a while, but now we are happy to have finally the new bed and to have now a chalet which offers the same stile and atmospere in all rooms.

We hope that our guests will also enjoy the new bed, that they can sleep well in it and that their vacation will be even more relaxing.


In this context we will also replace the two old, white bed tables. Unfortunately they did not get delivered with the bed and we had to re-order them.


Furthermore we moved one of the wardrobes upstairs into the living room. Some of our guests might remember that the bedroom with the white metalbed had two wardrobes.

The bedroom downstairs has now significantly more space and, and this was the main reason for the whole moving-furniture-action, we have in the living room one wardrobe for the HIFI equipment, books and games. Speaking of today the library is still of small size, but contains something to read for all ages and we hope it will growth over the upcoming years.