The first ‘urban’ starting point for a trip from La Tzoumaz is of course Sion, the capital and the center of the Valais.

From the farmer’s market on Friday, big supermarkets, the local hardware store, the friendly city, to the two fortresses overlooking the city. Sion has its charm.

Within a nice 30 minutes drive you are in Sion. You simply park in the garage below the central Place de la Planta in the Rue de Gare, to have the whole city center in a pleasant walking distance. Fridays at noon turns the whole pedestrian zone into an interesting mix of weekly market. The Swiss then start the weekend with a slightly longer lunch break and enjoy a combination of local or international delicacies of the market stalls and one or maybe two glasses of wine.

After you enjoyed food and drinks you should take the stairs to the castle Valere, with origins in the 13th Century, with its simple and small but lovely church and organ. The organ dates from 1437 and is the oldest playable organ in the world.